O, the mother of all humanity, I wonder how much of you is in me?

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My daughters always ask me what happened to Eve.

How come there are no tales of her adventure or her mishap sprees?

What songs she sang? Did she dance or loved being on her feet?

Was she brave and tall like Adam or just tiny and meek?

Did she fight dinosaurs and bears or stayed back to cook and clean?

What did she do when she needed to go pee? Did she go behind a bush or a tree?

Did she take baths or jumped…

You really can’t teach reading as a science. Love gets mixed up in it. — Dr Seuss

8 Lessons on How Kid’s Learn to Read
8 Lessons on How Kid’s Learn to Read
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Hearing other moms go on and on about when their kids learnt to read used to send me in an anxiety frenzy! Being constantly asked if mine is going for reading classes, brain development and assessment sessions or seeing a speech therapist was more self damaging to me than to my child.

So, here is what I have learnt from my kids:

  1. They love singing the alphabets at the top of their voice, rather than sounding them in their palms.
  2. They love for…

It’s extremely rare for a child’s chin to be cleft if both parents lack the trait — Pond.

Picture by Author.

I heard you are being investigated in an explicit scandalous affair. Your presence on my face seems to be the clinch.

Now people look at me funny and their gaze like an aimed laser beam. Can’t you just delete me off your target screen?

We didn’t always get along because you were being called “butt face” to “ass chin” and I never stepped into your defense. Now that you might be linked to an old crime, I don’t know where to start back again.

Did Harry really met up with Sally and you are the by-product of this hook-up? CSI…

Who gets to define the norm?

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My first pregnancy was a planned one. I started my folic acid three months before, as per the doctor’s advice. Stopped my contraception pills six months ahead. Bought the ovulating kits and waited for the right moment to call my partner home from the office. The very next month, I realised I was delayed. Tested about five pregnancy kits and still couldn’t believe, so went to the doctor to confirm. The news still took me by a surprise.

Being Asian, we have this three-month period of “pantang” (superstition), where we can’t tell anyone of…

It is both a blessing and a curse, memories — Anonymous

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Every time I look into the mirror, it’s just my eyes in the unrecognisable face I see.

I lift a hand to wave, trying to see if I wave back at this new unidentifiable me.

She waves with a crinkly smile, crow lines around my familiar eyes.

When did time take its harsh toll and left with only a mirage of me?

I still feel my mind at its mischiefs, a 16-year-old gleefully winking back at me.

Is it just me or all of us from back then have…

We cannot become what we want, by remaining what we are — Max Depree

Am I Playing to the Patriarchy System?
Am I Playing to the Patriarchy System?
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So, when did we women signed our freedom over to the men? I always wondered how it all started; I mean, I know the basic history behind it, but why did the first woman give in? Was she coaxed into it or willingly submitted?

Was it the first time she was told her cooked roast meat was so much more tender than his? …

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there — Anonymous

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Well, bad things happen to almost all girls…

We don’t have dialogues in my family on forbidden or taboo topics. Abuse, sex, and even menstruation, to name a few. My parents change the channel if an intimate scene or song comes on. All of our siblings are married now, but we still can’t show affection or sit next to our partners in front of our parents or each other. Culture and religion being the guideline for our such attitudes and behaviour.

I was 11 when I…

We believe in the unbelievable — Bruce M. Hood

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Nani told me someone lives behind the Peepal tree. “Don’t go there with your head uncovered because he will pee on your head and hang on your choti.” That really intrigued my young curiosity. I always slowed whenever I walked past the tree. Tried not to look at it directly, so I could catch some flutter or sway of the leaves.

During a wedding in the house, it was when I first heard all the hushing and whispering. Caught a few words here and there about shapeshifter and sorcery. I wanted…

Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so, I am changing myself — Rumi

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“You can only be blamed for the situation you are in.” Heard that on a TED Talk a while back when I was trying to figure my life out. I believed it back then. Blamed myself for my circumstances and went back to accepting whatever I was trying to change. Years later now, I have come to realise how that talk demotivated me, broke my self-confidence. How privilege that speaker must have been to even think like that…


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